Season of diversity at Ormston House

Art image by Steve Maher

PATRICK’S Street’s art venue, gallery, platform, studio, talk shop, Ormston House is to host Limerick Literary Festival for a first time on Saturday February 25 for a children’s event.  This mix of storytelling and interaction will be led by writers Roisin Meaney and Christopher Lloyd at 11am (free in) and you can view the festival programme and book at

This is only one initiative on the horizon as Ormston’s visual art collectives is partners with DMARC, the Digital Media and Arts Research Centre at UL, for a new venture.

“We will co-host The Quiet Club, one of Ireland’s leading sound art improvisation groups,  on Tuesday March 2 for a one-off performance in Limerick supported by the Arts Council Touring and Dissemination of Work Scheme”.

Artists operating out of Patrick Street are also launching their longterm research project, ‘The Feminist Supermarket’.  Ormston House will host an original performance by the Limerick Women’s Network: ‘Silencing Women’ will take place on Wednesday March 8 to mark International Women’s Day.

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There is a weekly Workspace Social which has worked as a platform, changing every seven days, to house an artist’s initiative – such as that of composer and Lightmoves Screendance Festival curator Jurgen Simpson on January 28. 

Take up Ormston’s open offer to lead or facilitate a social at this central, quite lovely venue during the year. Contact the group at [email protected] with your proposal.

Meanwhile David Idioh facilitates weekly African Rhythms workshops each Wednesday, 7.30-8.30pm. Instruments are supplied and participation is free.