Limrock pays tribute to Bowie this Friday

LIMERICK musicians are coming together this Friday February 10 at Dolan’s Warehouse to pay tribute to the music of David Bowie.

The show will feature Fall Dogs, Shardborne, Parliament Square, Theme Tune Boy, The Alvin Purple Experience, Eamonn Hehir, Siobhan O’Brien, Ronan Mitchell and The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. The musicians cover/interpret different eras of Bowie’s career, from ‘Space Oddity’ to his final album ‘Blackstar’.

The line-up and running order at time of going to press is …

On stage 9:30pm – Alvin Purple followed by

Theme Tune Boy

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Parliament Square

Fall Dogs


The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra.

This Bowie night is again organised by musician and  lifelong Bowie fan John Steele.

Last year’s celebration played to a full-house and got a great reaction and John is delighted that most of line up could commit again.

“I’m really glad that the line-up is pretty much the same as last year. After the success of last year, not only in terms of money raised, but in terms of how every band brought their A game, it would’ve been really stupid to change it for the final one.”

The bands will gather this Friday for one last time to pay tribute to Bowie. John Steele thinks it is better to close this show on a high note.

“It’s definitely the final one. We used to do a lower key tribute to Bowie once a year when he was alive and I think, to keep doing it just for the sake of it would be wrong.

“Last year, he had just died and there was a tangible emotional atmosphere there so we almost just left it at that one – but there was a lot of interest in doing one more, so this will be the last one of this kind.

“There’s still the right amount of excitement and energy for this one but if we kept doing it, it’s inevitable that you would end up just phoning it in at some point.

“Better to go out on a high when everyone is hungry for it.”

Fans can expect to hear many of the highlights from last year’s gig including Fall Dogs’ stirring rendition of ‘Under Pressure’ with Siobhan O’Brien sure to raise the roof taking Freddie Mercury’s part of the 1981 classic.

Professor Eoin Devereux of University of Limerick, who co-organised the first ever academic symposium on David Bowie in Limerick in 2012, stated this week that the legacy of Bowie’s work will continue to inspire artists in Limerick and worldwide.

“The Limerick Bowie Tribute is further testament to Bowie’s enduring legacy.  I think we are only beginning to properly realise his cultural significance.  With Bowie, there are so many levels with which fans can engage with. So much food for thought.  His place is secure for a very long time in the firmament of stars.”

All proceeds from this event go to the Lette March and Zondra Meaney Medical Fund.