Man hospitalised after Limerick courtroom fall

A MAN has been hospitalised after he fell of a chair in the public gallery of Limerick District Court.

The incident happened at 11.15 am this Friday when the man fell off a chair which was located immediately behind the solicitor’s bench where John Devane was seated.

Initially, there was a loud bang and crack after the chair gave way resulting in the the man crashing to the floor before onlookers rushed to the man’s aid.

The 30-year-old Limerick man remained slumped on the ground as the court was cleared by Judge Mary Larkin so as to allow him receive medical treatment from emergency paramedics.

The man, who had been charged with an alleged burglary last year, was left shocked and required pain treatment and assistance with his breathing from paramedics.

An inflatable stretcher was used to transfer the man from the ground to a waiting stretcher and out to University Hospital Limerick.

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Limerick District Court resumed hearing criminal business some time after 12 noon and the offending bench had been removed by court staff.