4 Read Plays: The Dresser

Breen is set to play Norman, ‘The Dresser’

LIMERICK Post has been writing up Bottom Dog’s ‘4 Read Plays’ series taking place on Sunday nights in No. 1 Pery Square’s genteel upstairs salon.

Join the atmosphere of this ambitious gambit “to see plays we will probably never get to act in, nor an audience in Limerick get to see”, as producer Myles Breen puts it. 8pm shows are acted out from script as opposed to the full bells and whistle production; the only funding is we punters paying what we wish to on the door.


This Sunday 19 at 8pm, Breen himself is central to the play as Norman, ‘The Dresser’ by Ronald Harwood. The mighty Dave Griffin of College Players, of musicals and other stories is directing, something this AIMS winner does well.

“I thought Dave would be really good for ‘The Dresser’,” observes the actor/ producer. “It has a touch of comedy and is a dark play at that same time. Dave [‘Noises Off’, ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’ to credit] is very, very good at theatrical high jinks and at that darkness also.”

On stage for the Harwood, Bottom Dog has cast Frances Healy, Jeanne O’Connor, Rebecca Murphy, Mike Finn, Padraig Hastings and Pius McGrath.

Of his own role, Myles Breen is empathetic to the ‘play within the play’ theme that informs this shows in this March series. “What I really relate to is we [actors, directors] get to see behind the scenes all the time. The audience does not get to see the chaos behind – which is no relation to what is going on up front.

“All the plays address the idea of the actor off stage and the actor on stage”.

This March run of dramas also tilts on the axis of darkness and light. Norma Lowney directs the fourth and last play, ‘A Life in Theatre’, by David Mamet on Sunday March 26.

Pay what you can and be sure to book ahead on 085-2085737.