Thomond Community College celebrates diversity and integration

STUDENTS from Thomond Community College will celebrate diversity and integration as part of its inaugural Multicultural Day this Friday, March 31.

Students from over 16 countries including Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Angola, Nigeria, Albania and Lithuania will showcase their cultures to the entire school community.

The event will be attended by Minister of State David Stanton, who has special responsibility for Equality, Immigration and Integration.

“This is a hugely worthwhile, inclusive event, giving a unique opportunity to each of our International students to showcase their home nation. To see the pride of students in their native traditions and language is just wonderful,” explained Thomond Community College teacher Niamh Harrison.

“So many students can truly find a voice through this event and all in attendance, students, staff, parents and guests, learn so much – it truly is an education for all. The day creates a real opportunity to celebrate both diversity and integration,” she added.

Cultures spanning the world from Bangladesh to Burma, South Africa and beyond will be explored during the multicultural event.

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Each country will have a visual display showing what makes their individual cultures unique and interesting.

Many of the students will also wear traditional costumes with food prepared and cooked by the students and their families, further reflecting the intercultural theme. An afternoon of international music and dance featuring members of Limerick’s Choice Music Prize-winning Rusangano Family will bring the celebrations to an end.

“We see this as an appropriate time to give a well-deserved forum to our citizens of the new Ireland, and a real opportunity to share heritage. It is a unique event across the schools of the Limerick-Clare Education and Training Board and indeed further afield,” Miss Harrison concluded.

by Alan Jacques