Puccini’s Bohemian rhapsody of Paris demi-monde

French soprano Olga Perrier as Musetta in Café Momus

ELLEN Kent’s production of ‘La Boheme’ at UCH for Good Friday April 14 brings delightful extras to Puccini’s ode to 19th century Paris.

No, Arts page is not alluding to walk-on parts but to other call outs: one for a ‘frou frou’ dog to accompany Musetta to the Café Momas scene and two, the chance to win a Ralph Steadman print of ‘La Boheme’, worth €550.


“My great friend is Ralph Steadman, the renowned artist,” Ellen tells us. “He is a personal friend of mine this long time and we are offering a prize of one his signed colour prints, A2 on rag paper, a set of tickets to ‘La Boheme’ and a programme, to be collected at box office on the night”.

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From the Ukraine, Alyona Kistenyova joins Opera and Ballet International as Mimi

On to opera proper. Anticipate a completely new set, a beautiful one, as with costumes and art work, and sublime singing from the principals flanning in Paris with various experiences of life. These are French singer Olga Perrier/ Musetta with Alyona Kistenyova/ Mimi from the Odessa Opera in the Ukraine, Vitalii Liskovetskyi/ Rudolfo and Iurie Gisca/ Marcello.

A 30 piece orchestra accompanies this glowingly reviewed production that wowed in the UK. Vasyi Vasyienko conducts.

Ellen Kent as veteran director brings formidable energy to the project. “I do everything, I have OCD and am hands on in everything. My real love is opera and I oversee costumes, stage, lighting, special effects”.

Mimi and her friends are demi-mondaine in this City of Light’s love triangles and quadrangles; her heart is for writer Rudolfo. From life under a chandelier to warming a bitter night by candlelight – ‘Your Tiny Hand is Frozen’ – their stories play out in soaring octaves and arias by Puccini.

Book for April 14, 8pm at www.uch.ie

  • Question: When does La Boheme come to UCH?

Write the answer on a postcard  marked ‘La Boheme’ to Limerick Post, 97 Henry Street by April 6 with contact tel. no. The winner will be notified on April 7.

See Limerick Post hard copy or digital copy Pet’s page 58 of April 1st issue if you feel your dog has star power for Musetta’s amusement.