Local artists donating work to help sick children

News 04042017. Jack & Jill Children's Foundation  launches "Incognito' an art sale of 1500 miniature, original pieces of art for 50euro each in The Solomon Gallery, with a chance of picking up a valuable piece worth thousands from a well-known artist. The launch of "Incognito" the charity’s new arts fundraiser which offers 1500 original, miniature art pieces, donated to the charity by over 1000 artists from around the country and overseas, which will be on sale on a first come first served basis for 50euro each in The Solomon Gallery, Dublin (beside the Westbury Hotel) from 21st to 25th April, offering purchasers a chance to secure a valuable piece of art worth thousands of euro from one of the 50 well-known artists involved. People can view the Incognito collection online at www.incognito.ie but, as the name Incognito suggests, the artist’s identity is top secret and won’t be revealed until after the sale; with artists like Peter Curling, David Crone, Olivia Golden, Leah Hewson, Brian Lalor, Alice Maher, Barry McCall, Abigail O’Brien, Eilis O’Connell, Mick O’Dea, Patrick O'Reilly, Geraldine O’Reilly, Jim Savage, Gwen Wilkinson, as well as Mo Kelly and Martin Gale involved. It is hoped that Incognito will raise 75,000 euro for Jack & Jill to fund home nursing care for the 300 children under Jack & Jill’s wing today. Photo Chris Bellew /Fennell Photography Copyright 2017

Artists from Limerick are among those donating original works of art to help fund home nursing care for sick children all over the country. In total, 1500 artists will donate pieces to Incognito – an art sale for the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation – to go on sale for €50 each in The Solomon Gallery, Dublin from April 21 to 25.

Eight Limerick artists are involved in the project, however their identities, along with all other contributors, will be kept secret until after the sale. 

It is hoped that Incognito will raise €75,000 for Jack & Jill to fund home nursing care for the 300 children under Jack & Jill’s wing today; children who do better at home, where they are well cared for by their parents with critical support from Jack & Jill nurses.

The Jack & Jill service operates 365 days a year, has no waiting list and mobilises an army of 1,000 nurses and carers around the country and has done so for 20 years, with 2017 being Jack & Jill’s 20th anniversary year. The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation must raise €3.5 million every year to keep going and this is one of many fundraisers throughout the year, with every €16 raised funding one hour of home nursing care for a sick child.

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Discussing the Incognito project, Hugo Jellett, CEO of Jack & Jill, said, “We have been quite overwhelmed by the number of artists donating their talent, their time and their gift to Jack & Jill. We’ll work very hard now to promote the exhibition..

“Incognito is an example of people reaching out to help others and our home nursing care service, which is delivered in every community in Ireland, is based around that principle of community helping community, providing a gift of time to families to give them a break from the 24 hour job of caring for their sick child.  On behalf of those families, I want to thank all the artists involved who have embraced this campaign so willingly and so generously.

“People often talk about ‘affordable art’ and the price tag is still in the late hundreds, so it really is a joy to be able to present original works – for people to buy for themselves or for friends – at a fixed price of just €50, and once you conceal the identity of the artist, it becomes simply about whether you like it or not… and that will bring a huge sigh of relief to many!”

The Incognito collection can be viewed online at www.incognito.ie