Limerick woman’s racist train rant under Garda investigation

The woman launched a 16 minute racist rant at a number of passengers over a bag on a seat
The woman launched a 16 minute racist rant at a number of passengers over a bag on a seat

GARDAI are investigating video footage capturing a Limerick woman’s racist attack aimed at a number passengers on an Irish Rail train to Limerick Junction over the Easter Weekend.

Captured by @TheBexWay who published the footage to Twitter, the series of videos captures several incidents of the woman’s 16 minute rant littered with racial slurs.

In a dispute which was sparked over a bag being placed on a seat, the woman can be seen and heard challenging the passengers and questioning their right to be on the train while commenting on their ethnicity.

The scenes were captured on Easter Sunday on a connecting commuter train from Limerick’s Colbert station to Limerick Junction.

The footage had been posted to Twitter the following day but messages of complaint had been sent to Irish Rail during the incident.

“That bag is on my seat, shut up you dope..”

In her attack, the woman is then seen shouting “F**k off back to India. Don’t give me your guff, you f**king cheeky p***k.

“Respect my f**king country and get your bag off the seat.”

Other passengers who were in the vicinity and tried to intervene quickly became the subject of her expletive-ridden remarks.

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At one point, the woman is seen leaving her seat to challenge other passengers.

The victimised group of a passengers who had been subjected to the racial abuse left their seats after enduring the attack for 16 minutes.

According to the publisher, viewers of the footage would not be able to “really get the full effect of what happened from the video. She was literally sitting beside them, screaming bloody murder in their faces. It went on for almost the whole train ride,” the Twitter user said adding that she was fearful a fist fight could have broken out.

Such behaviour is not tolerated, Irish Rail have said and in turn, they have handed the footage over to Gardai at Henry Street who are investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for Irish Rail said that they welcomed the footage from a concerned member of the public, as it will assist help identify the woman involved.

Recent studies by the European Network against Racism Ireland (ENAR Ireland) revealed that a rise in the number of racism incidents being reported over the last six months where 245 reports were made

This represented an increase of 55 in the previous six months and victims of racist abuse can report incidents to