Free gigs for Poetry Day Thursday 27

Dr Oscar Mascarenas and Stephen Boyland

MARKING your card here for interesting stuff tiered around Thursday April 27, Poetry Day Ireland, bringing to a close this month of performance to do with the written and spoken word.

It’s going to be a day of decent pickings for anyone interested in enjoying part-taking of the following:

· A lunchtime recital. Local and visiting poets are invited to read their work at Glin Library. Free in at 1pm.

· We are told that a poetry reading venue is one that provides “both solace and resistance”. At ‘The Imperfect is our Paradise’, find yourself in a place that “allows for another and different way of thinking”.

Presented by Limerick Writers’ Centre at the Hunt Museum, 1pm.

· Poet and performer Dr Óscar Mascareñas (Mexico/ Ireland) and voice artist Steve Boyland (Liverpool) will read and perform to celebrate Poetry Day. He will also open ‘Reconstructing Memory’, “a multifaceted exploration of approaches to death in Mexican and Irish cultures by Clea Van der Grijn. Limerick City Gallery of Art, Pery Sq at 6pm.