UL STEM students want to plant roots in Limerick


THE majority of Limerick third level science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students at the University of Limerick are hoping to stay and work in the wider Limerick region a recent survey has shown.

Conducted by the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE), the recent survey revealed that almost 70 per cent of current third level UL STEM students want to live and work in the region, once they have completed their studies.

The survey was revealed as part of the BT YSTE 2018 launch which takes place next week in Limerick.

The benefits of investing in STEM education and the importance it is for the viability of the wider Limerick area prompted organisers to launch in Limerick due to the support in the region.

In 2017, there were 195 project applications received from schools in Limerick which was a phenomenal increase of 25 per cent on previous years.

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This year’s launch will focus on the need for all stakeholders (government, enterprise and educators) to work together to ensure that STEM education in Ireland is of the highest international standard.

Speaking of the recent survey, Shay Walsh, MD BT Ireland said, “Our survey found that there is a desire, from Ireland’s sought-after graduates, to stay living and working in the Limerick area if the right opportunities are made available to them.

“These findings show just how vital it is for employers and companies to be engaged and to think about the kind of talent and expertise they will need in the future to remain ahead of the curb.

“Ireland is paving the way for innovation and development particularly in the med-tech and pharmaceutical fields. If Limerick wishes to advance and achieve it’s ‘Twenty Thirty’ goals, we must all work together to drive STEM education and investment. After all, employees are the backbone of enterprise and efforts must be made to ensure we produce the very best and brightest”.

Dr Mary Shire, Vice President of Research in University of Limerick said; “We are delighted to see the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition launching their 2018 event in Limerick.

“This launch will be a great opportunity to showcase just how important STEM education and investment is to stakeholders within the wider Limerick area.

At UL, we are extremely committed to our continued advancement and expansion in this area, as can be seen through our new state-of-the art Bernal Institute for Science and Research development. I know the wider business community is extremely focused on making Limerick a hub for foreign investment and enterprise, particularly in innovation, and in response to this commitment, our focus must continue to be on ensuring we have exceptional graduates to meet this demand”.

See btyoungscientist.com for more details ahead of the September 25 deadline.