On Keeping My Ghosts Alive


‘KEEPING My Ghosts Alive’ is a memoir written by the late Laura Bond and annotated by her husband John Bond. The launch of this book takes place on Saturday October 21, 7.30pm at Charco’s Restaurant in Castleconnell.

Poet and writer John Liddy, Madrid based this long time, will place the book in context.

This is Laura Bonds’ story written in her own words, discovered after her death by her husband who completed the memoir.

From Dominic Taylor of publisher, Limerick Writers’ Centre: “It tells of an ordinary housewife from a working class background with an extraordinary strength of character in how she dealt with adversity, from the death of her parents and siblings to her move from a comfortable four bed roomed home to a scarcely habitable cottage, to her diagnosis with cancer and how she ultimately  faced her death.”

“‘Keeping My Ghosts Alive’ is a multi-faceted chronicle of a woman who, up to her untimely death, lived her life with exceptional energy and intensity.

“The book is an enduring monument to her irrepressible spirit and to the tight bonds of family and friendship that no tragedy can break.”