Dora Gola debut at Dolan’s

Dora Gola

LIMERICK singer/ songwriter/ dancer Dora Gola will play her first headline show in the city this weekend. The self confessed perfectionist has waited until the time was right and this set of songs will become her debut album due in 2018.

Born in Poland, Dola moved to Limerick at 15 years and went to school in Newport. Since then, she has completed a BA in Voice/ Dance  at University of Limerick and a MA in Music Performance in Cork.

She also studied in Los Angeles and it was in LA that Dora recorded her song ‘I’m Not’. With that song she produced her debut music video which was launched at the Richard Harris International Film Festival in 2016, followed by a screening at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

“My idea of music is to stay true to yourself be as real as you can possibly be.”

Her song ‘I’m Not’ was recorded in a kitchen in LA with music collaborator Ryan Whyman on piano.

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“You can hear the buzzing of the fridge in the background,” laughs Dora.

Not that you would notice, any background sound only adds to this lovely piano led ballad with Dora’s wonderful vocals to the fore.

For her debut show Dora will have her four piece band a set of songs ready for recording including one in her native Polish language. When Dora is not gigging or appearing at world renowned film festivals, she works at Curragower Bar where the owners are supportive of her art. The lads in Hermitage Green have also been generous with help and advice in promoting her music.

“That makes me very secure that I can do what I love and still be working because they value me as a worker.”

Dora is a self confessed perfectionist. “I will only do something if it is 100 per cent fully right or I won’t do it at all.”

She has overcome the barriers of being a stranger in a strange land and is ready to make a big step with her own show this weekend.

“People told me before ‘You are from Poland – You are not going to get anywhere!’ Limerick is tough because it is very focused on local.”

“It is not true! If you really believe in what you do then people will believe in that as well. You have to stay with it.”

Dora Gola and her band play Dolan’s this Saturday November 25.