Exploring John’s Query in dance

Angie Smalis, Colin Gee and Mark Carberry Photo: Dominik Kosicki

GREEK-born Angie Smalis and collaborators Mark Carberry, Colin Gee and Jennifer Walshe present an intriguing new show ‘John’s Query’ at Dance Limerick this Friday 1 at 8pm.

Set in John’s Square, home of Dance Limerick, the dancers and vocalist explore their changing notion of the historic square as both a location and network “through mistranslations and the pursuit of shared perspective.”

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From Dance Limerick’s Emer Casey we hear “they perform characters based on historical figures, all of whom inhabited John’s Square between 1700 and 1950. As the lives of the characters intertwine in a farcical narrative, the question is posed: ‘Will people always betray others for the sake of their own interests?’

“Ultimately, ‘John’s Query’ is about pursuit of – and sympathy for – the perspective from which the ‘other’ can be understood, through humour, grace, longing, and melancholy.

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“It also proposes a path for a return to narrative in dance, and addresses an opportunity to engage with a new kind of storytelling within dance.”

Jenny Traynor, director of Dance Limerick in John’s Square for the past three years, observes that “the concept for ‘John’s Query’ has an appealing and timeless sense of charm. I’m curious to see how location, memory and imagination interweave to construct our sense of selves.”