Repak has Limerick Christmas packaging waste all wrapped up

Christmas packaging
Daniel Braide and Ella Duffy at the launch of the Repak campaign.

83,000 tonnes of packaging waste will be produced in Ireland this Christmas which is equal to the amount of packaging waste that both Limerick and Galway cities would produce in a year.

That’s according to Repak, the national recycling agency that helps companies meet their obligation under packaging legislation.

Repak has over 2,265 member companies, these include hotels, local shops, supermarkets and large retailers who produce packaging. These companies are committed to meeting their obligations to recycle their packaging and help pay for the collection of your recycling bins. Repak members have helped fund the recycling of over 10 million tonnes of packaging waste in Ireland since 1997.

In a survey of 1,017 people conducted by Repak in November 2017, Repak has concluded that 91 per cent of Irish residents are concerned about climate change, with a further 95 per cent citing that as a reason to recycle more.

Almost half of the respondents said they consider whether the businesses they shop with are responsible for where packaging ends up. However, only 15 per cent queried this in store. 70 per cent claim to recycle all Christmas packaging without fail and almost a third have a full recycling bin before Christmas.

Repak estimates the amount of packaging waste that will be produced this Christmas will be equal to what 176,000 people would produce in an entire year.

Climate Action and Environment Minister Denis Naughten said: “Repak members have made a significant contribution to Ireland’s environment over the last two decades, not least by helping fund the diversion of over 10 million tonnes of packaging waste away from landfill. By supporting Repak members shoppers are also playing their part in supporting our environment.”

From Aldi, Lidl and Tesco, many of the country’s leading retailers are committed Repak members. This study has revealed that 85% of consumers have never asked a retailer if they have recycled correctly and Repak is urging consumers to visit and actively consider the impact that purchase decisions will have on the environment this festive season and beyond.

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