Limerick city building on dangerous structures list

Dangerous building
The rubble strewn dangerous building on Robert Street.

A building that rained rubble down on a Limerick City centre street has been placed on the dangerous buildings list by the local authority.

A reader contacted the Limerick Post about the building on Robert Street near the Milk Market last month when he saw rubble falling from the roof area.

“If this had landed on somebody, it is likely they would have been seriously injured or even killed,” he said.


“I contacted the council straight away, and explained the situation, believing they would come immediately and cordon the area off.

“Several hours later, two council workers came with a brush and cart, and cleared up the mess,” the reader added that that “was the total response,” at the time.

The concerned reader said: “The building lost its roof in the big storm a few years ago. The roof has never been repaired, and the building is rapidly disintegrating. The lack of response from the council is a disgrace”.

In response to a query from the Limerick Post, a spokesman for Limerick City and County Council said this week that the local authority had been “notified about the building.

“It has been inspected by members of the Planning and Environmental Services department and has been placed on the Dangerous Structures Register.

There are specific regulations about dangerous structures. The local authority can direct that work – including the demolition of the structure and the clearing of the site – be carried out immediately if it considers it necessary.

It may also require that all use of the dangerous structure be stopped.  In certain cases, the local authority can direct the occupier of a dangerous structure to leave and remove all his or her property for their own safety.

“The owner is required by law to make sure the property does not contain any dangerous structures. If it does, they must take steps to remedy the situation. Otherwise, they are liable for prosecution by the local authority,” the spokseman said.

“The Council is empowered to deal with structures or places which are a danger or likely to be a danger to the public. In cases of emergency, the Council is empowered to render such properties safe.

“A notice may be served on the owner requiring works to be carried out to prevent the structure or place from being dangerous. The Council may also carry out such works itself, and recover the costs from the owner.

When Limerick City and County Council becomes aware of any structure that is or is likely to become dangerous an Inspector carries out an investigation, the ownership is established and the owner is written to.  Appropriate action is then taken to eliminate the danger.

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