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UL hospital group expand Advanced Nursing and Midwifery Practice


UL Hospitals Group continues its expansion of advanced nursing and midwifery practice with seven new posts secured in unscheduled care, rheumatology and care of the elderly.

This is part of a national model that will see 120 Advanced Nursing Practitioners (ANPs) complete their education in the current academic year and of a wider initiative announced in November 2017 by the Minister for Health Simon Harris that will see 700 ANPs and AMPs (Advanced Midwifery Practitioners) in post by 2021.

Advanced nursing and midwifery practitioner roles are developed as a direct response to population health need and organisational requirements. The identification and confirmation of these specific role developments within HSE service areas is the responsibility of Directors of Nursing and Midwifery across all disciplines of the professions.

ANPs and AMPs are already transforming services for patients in hospitals, in the community and in the home through an expanded scope of practice, greater clinical autonomy and decision-making. Ongoing education and research as well as mentoring of nursing colleagues are also key parts of the role.

Candidate ANPs/AMPs require a masters degree as well as a minimum of at least 500 clinical hours in their area of expertise. UL Hospitals Group has blazed a trail in certain specialties, having filled the first ANP posts in the country in dermatology (Sheila Ryan), respiratory (Paula Ryan) and orthopaedics (Audrey Butler). There are currently 13 registered ANPs/AMPs practising across UL Hospitals Group and a further eight candidate ANPs completing their education.

“Of the 120 posts approved nationally, UL Hospitals Group has secured seven: three in unscheduled care, two in rheumatology and two for care of older persons. Candidates have been interviewed and they are all going through their academic education. Some of our candidates will be in place this year and we are looking forward to that. In addition I expect we will get our share of the total 700 posts over the next number of years,” said Margaret Gleeson, Chief Director of Nursing and Midwifery, UL Hospitals Group.

As well as the seven approved posts, recruitment has commenced for an ANP for tissue viability and there are plans for other specialties.

“It is a big commitment for a nurse or a midwife to go down this route and it heartening to see so many people doing just that” Ms Gleeson said.

“Most importantly, the ANPs and AMPs and the extended scope of practice that entails are hugely valued by our patients. The ANPs are there throughout the patient journey and are very familiar with them. And that is very important for patients” She concluded.

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