A new approach on the cards for Ruth


VALENTINE and greeting cards generally are usually adorned with funny or touching messages and images of stereotypically beautiful young heterosexual people who apparently all think English is the language of love.

Which is why one designer is stocking Limerick shops with a very different kind of card, making it possible to send greetings as Gaeilge and to loved ones in same-sex and polyamorous relationships, as well as a whole host of other dynamics that don’t get a look in with big greeting card manufacturers.
Ruth Crean’s ‘Nice Day’ vintage range includes cards for older lovers and specific interest groups, such as book readers and naughty erotica.
“This year I expanded my range to include polyamorous and LGBTQ images in my work. This change came about by being open in my own life about being poly and bi,” Ruth told the Limerick Post.
“When we look to mainstream shops all we see represented are monogamous heterosexual couples, usually young and usually white. It’s important that minority communities see themselves represented in the media that they come across everyday, to feel validated and not separate from society.
“It’s Valentine’s day this week and all that’s represented in the shops is a narrow view of what is acceptable”.
Ruth, who is involved in “ethically non-monogamous,” relationships  said that “being out and outspoken on social media has been transformative to my own personal happiness. I thought it was about time that this liberation crossed over into my business too.
“I know it’s only a small thing but I don’t think people within the poly and LGBTQ community should have to search to see their love life mirrored in how we celebrate love. These relationships should be visible too”.
Pointing to the core tenants of polyamory, that love is limitless and shouldn’t be fearfully hoarded to one person, Ruth says its “only fitting that I make cards that people can send to their partners to celebrate that choice that they’ve made to love without boundaries.
“It’s certainly not something that you will find on the shelf of your local newsagents, but then again it’s more fun when the aim is something different, something special”.
Ruth’s cards can be found at Chez le Fab and Lucky Lane in Limerick or on-line at
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