‘Love Conquers All’


A DEBUT publication in Limerick is always exciting. Perhaps the 2019 Kate O’Brien Award for a first outing by a woman novelist or short story writer has its first contender for next year? Mother of seven Anne O’Keeffe has self published for Amazon to release ‘Love Conquers All’.

She, family, friends and Senator Maria Byrne braved the white-out on March 3 for a morning  launch in The Greenhills Hotel.


‘Love Conquers All’ is set in Dublin at the cusp of the 20th century, against the backdrop of the Boer War and in Ireland, civil unrest.

“Lillian is the vivacious, pretty, strong-willed second daughter of an Irish Catholic surgeon, living on Merrion Square.

“Love conquers all is a story of love and tragedy and overcoming adversity in a time when young woman lived under their parents guidance in the high society that was Dublin in the early 19th century.”

A romance of subterfuge begins with British Army officer James, ensuing in engagement before his departure to fight the war in South Africa. Love, tragedy and ‘societal interference’ govern the storyline. Anne O’Keeffe, retired art teacher, short story writer and Soroptimist, is widow to eye specialist Dr Denis O’Keffe and daughter to Dr Michael and Eithne Roberts.

We wish her well in this literary departure.