Live show and new music from Brian Deady

Brian Deady Photo: Dara Munnis

THE single Clap Both My Hands made Cork singer/songwriter Brian Deady a household name in 2016. His new track Eloise (Lean into the Wave) came out in January. It is rightly getting plenty of airplay for this soulman who has the handy knack of mining a heartfelt soul-pop sound from his blues music.

His debut album ‘Interview’ in 2009 featured strong soul anthem ‘Over Like MacGyver’ and won the singer new fans such as Nightmares on Wax and Aaron Byrd and respected Los Angeles radio station KCRW.
Back then Brian Deady had already set out his stall as a must-see live act and the rest of us were playing catch up by the time Clap Both My Hands hit the airwaves.

A major label record contract with Universal/Decca was signed and his second album was re-released . From that the record company released the powerful single ‘Get On My Knees’ which closes many of Deady’s shows. The song is inspired by Muhammad Ali, the track was written shortly after the boxer’s death in June 2016.
Brian explains: “It’s about a big, tough, strong boxer who comes toe to toe with his vulnerability when his lover leaves him and he ends up warring with his demons in the ring.”

Dublin born in a family of ten and raised in West Cork, Brian began writing lyrics and poetry as a teenager.
His family broke up when he was just 15. After stints in foster care, he ended up living in a bed and breakfast. Here he devoured the works of the greats such as Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison:
“Music has always been my place of refuge – my home.” explains Deady.

As well as his own confessional and honest lyrics, Deady uses his soul, funk and do-wop chops to make his own of classic pop songs – I Can’t Go for That by Hall & Oates and Wichita Lineman to name a few.

Deady will release a new album this year. Eloise (Lean into the Wave) is the first taster from that record. Hear more new tracks when Brian Deady plays Dolan’s this Sunday March 18.