Limerick Together for Yes release video encouraging people to vote Yes

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Limerick Together for Yes are delighted to release their video asking for people to vote YES in the upcoming referendum. The video was created by the group, shot and edited by local videographer Shane Serrano and the cast includes local people and members of Limerick Together for Yes.

Limerick Together for Yes Chairperson, Yvie Murphy said, “We are really excited about the release of this video.  It’s allowing us to communicate our message, asking people to vote yes on May 25th, in a fun and innovative way.  We are delighted with how it turned out and hope the people of Limerick feel the same when they see it.”

Limerick Together for Yes member and participant in the video Helena Close commented, “In 1983, I remember as a young mother, my horror when the 8th Amendment was adopted into our Constitution.  Here we are, decades later, trying to rectify the damage it has done.  I don’t have another referendum in me.  We must repeal.  For compassion.  For empathy.  For trust in women and their doctors.”

Click link below to watch Limerick Together for Yes’ video.

Local videographer, Shane Serrano who volunteered his time and talent to shoot and edit the video followed, “I am a big supporter of the Repeal the 8th campaign, but I always felt I could do more.  When I was approached to come on board with this video project I jumped at the chance as it was an opportunity for me to bring my skill set to the table and help out in spreading this message.”

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The video can be seen on the Limerick Together for Yes website and all of their social media platforms.  Limerick Together for Yes is the local branch of the national civil society campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment.  They are part of an umbrella group made up of over 70 organisations, groups and communities representing a diverse cross-section of Irish civil society.

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