University of Limerick hosts Enterprise Excellence Conference

Pictured at the Journey to Enterprise Excellence Conference, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick were, Sean Moore, UL, Eilish Henry, SISU and Richard Keegan, Enterprise Ireland. Picture: Alan Place

On Friday 27th April, UL hosted the second in a series of Enterprise Excellence Conferences. Almost 150 business and industry representatives from the region attended the event in the
Kemmy Business School, UL to hear a number or organisations present the structures and strategies they use in the development of their CI culture.

Some of the organisations presenting were just starting, some had mature CI initiatives but all had the same message. In order to improve you need a strategy and a structure to achieve excellence.

Unlike standard conferences of this nature that outline organisation improvement initiatives, the JEEC2 conference outlined applications from on the ground practitioners. By highlighting the strategies and structures for excellence the speakers introduced real life examples of the tools in use, the strengths and weakness and more importantly the results achieved from these applications.

Stryker, SES, Cook Medical, Abbott Diagnostics, Johnson & Johnson Vision were some of the organisations that shared their applications on the day. A self- assessment A3 was also available to attendees to help organisations prepare for excellence.

The conference was facilitated by Dr Sean Moore, Senior Lecturer, Lean Six Sigma, University of Limerick who commented “Many organisations who engage in continuous improvement (CI) programs think they are about “training our people” in CI methodologies. In fact training people without putting in place the supporting structures is the equivalent of scattering seeds on concrete and expecting a bountiful crop. In order to flourish seeds need time, care and a receptive nourishing soil. Similarly, for organisations to achieve Enterprise Excellence individuals have similar requirements. Once a CI methodology is taught it needs time to embed, it needs space to accomplish its aims and it needs support from the leaders and senior leaders in the organisation. Only when this “culture” or improvement is in existence, will it be possible for individuals to reap the harvest of opportunities for improvement”

As part of this Series A Journey to Enterprise Excellence Research Conference is scheduled for
September 6th 2018

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