A labour of love from the king of Limerick’s castles


FOR more than a decade Joseph Lennon has been compiling an extensive photographic archive of Limerick’s castles and tower houses.

And now his labour of love forms the centrepiece of an exhibition at the Limerick City Museum which showcases some of his evocative and unique photographs of this important aspect of Limerick’s built heritage from the Normans to Cromwell (1199 to 1650).

Limerick Museum Curator, Matthew Potter said that Mr Lennon had visited hundreds of sites to compile a comprehensive photographic survey of the county’s remaining historic landmarks.


“Limerick Museum is proud and privileged to showcase the results of Joseph’s exhaustive research,” Mr Potter said.

Joseph Lennon holds an MA in History from the University of Limerick and is a well-known authority on Limerick’s Medieval castles and tower houses. Covering a period of 450 years, the exhibition is curated by Joseph and Daiva Stasiukynaite.

“I first started writing about and photographing Limerick’s castles in 2008, shortly after completing my Masters Degree in history in UL,” Joseph told the Limerick Post, he continued, “Postponing an idea for a PhD, I began slowly working on my recently completed book draft: The medieval castles, tower houses & fortified houses of Limerick: war, conquest, land & settlement: a military & architectural history (working title).”

“This mammoth project now extends to thousands of archival images, both exterior and interior. I believe this is the first time, certainly in Limerick’s case; that all of one county’s extant castles (nearing 100), have been showcased in one room.

“I have had the good fortune to meet and become acquainted with most of the landowners upon where these castles lie. Their enthusiasm for my research and their own local knowledge was a revelation.”

The Limerick’s Medieval Castles and Tower Houses exhibition will continue in Limerick Museum at the Old Franciscan Friary on Henry Street until June 28.

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