Bruff is a Legend in Ballyhoura


THERE’S so much going on in Bruff that it’s a wonder any of its residents ever want to go anywhere else.

The town and surrounds have it all going on and summer, particularly, is a time when everyone wants to come out and get better acquainted with their neighbours.

Between the summer festival with Bloomsday at the heart of it, the cultural and sporting life of Bruff, the huge community support for both the summer festival and the St Patrick’s Day festival, the whole town comes alive with activity through the year.

The area is graced with natural beauty, from the meandering Morning Star river on which the town is built to the stunning scenery of Lough Gur which gives visitors and locals plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature.

History is close at hand here. The memorial to Sean Wall, a former Mayor, recalls the strife of the Civil War and the surname of George Clancy, another former mayor and close friend of James Joyce, still hangs over a pub in the town.

But there’s an unbroken link just outside at Lough Gur, where evidence of habitation from every era since mankind started leaving traces can be found.

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Bruff people are proud of their town and they are resourceful, creating their own drama, music and celebrating the arts in every form.

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