Clonmacken residents opposed to Council housing plan

Willie O'Dea TD, Fianna Fáil. Picture: Keith Wiseman Clonmacken
Willie O'Dea TD, Fianna Fáil. Picture: Keith Wiseman

RESIDENTS in Clonmacken have raised concerns about Limerick City and County Council’s proposal to construct social housing at the site.

The proposed development will consist of 43 residential units consisting of 23 two-storey units and a three-storey block comprising 20 units. The scheme proposes three one-bedroom units, 19 two-bedroom units, 17 three-bedroom units and four four-bedroom units. The dwelling types consist of 17 houses and 26 apartments/ duplexes.


Fianna Fail TD Willie O’Dea said he can think of many Limerick City and County Council owned sites, which would be infinitely more suitable for housing than the proposed site at Clonmacken.

“I organised a meeting between local residents and Council officials last week where many concerns were raised by the residents. They have concerns over the development lacking a proper mix of houses and becoming a ghetto in the future. They feel that the proposed development lacks the kind of facilities and connectivity to services that a social housing scheme should have,” O’Dea explained.

Chairperson of Clonmacken Residents Association, Pat O’Neill, who attended the meeting with Council officials, said residents feel its not a proper location as it stands totally isolated within a floodplain with no amenities within walking distance.

“People of the area would welcome a proper housing development of mixed use of affordable and social housing. Local residents strongly oppose any development of just a stand-alone isolated site with just social housing,” Mr O’Neill said.

“If history tells us anything, it does not work and we have seen by the councils very own actions that they too know it doesn’t work to isolate social housing and that the only way forward is integration.

“Furthermore, the local amenity that is the river walk/cycle/run will be taken away with this proposal. This will impact on a lot of people and they will not want to lose this. Finally, this will be a social housing scheme with no amenities which in itself can lead to anti-social behaviour.”

There was no response from Limerick City and County Council at the time of going to print.

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