Rolling Beethoven over

Jean-Christophe Spinosi, September 14

A MONTH hence, Irish Chamber Orchestra opens its Autumn/ Winter season at the concert hall with an “an emotional roller coaster from start to finish.” Book Friday September 14 at or pitch for the National Concert Hall in Dublin on Thursday 13 if you are east of the Shannon, 8pm concerts.

The fiery Corsican conductor Jean-Christophe Spinosi will conduct.


Under the banner of ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, we are in for a 21st century spin by Sam Perkin to Ludwig’s two C Symphonies, his First and epic Fifth.

“No other body of work enjoys more universal respect and popularity than Beethoven’s nine symphonies,” the ICO’s Charlotte Eglington feels. “We feature Beethoven’s two symphonies in the key of C. His meteoric First brims with originality, being full of rich melodies that reflected popular Viennese musical life at the time.

“His immensely popular Fifth is emotionally thrilling and uplifting, due to its raw power and the overwhelming representation of human triumph over adversity.”

A favourite composer with the ICO, Cork man Sam Perkin was commissioned to write a new encore. We hear that Perkin’s “rousing work highlights the individual personality of each orchestra member and their unique playing style.”

Anticipate elements from Rossini’s ‘Barber of Seville’ with the Overture to feature.

Thereafter ‘Féile Classical 2018 – The Trip to Tipp’ will absorb the Orchestra for September 21 and 22 playing two sold-out rock gigs. Rounding off the month on September 23 in the National Concert Hall only, they will platform Sir James MacMillan’s ‘Stabat Mater’.