Snow White and the Wicked Lynch

Photo: Colin Shanahan

ROBERT C Kelly productions and University Concert Hall have trumped in luring comedian Katherine Lynch to this year’s pantomime ‘Snow White’. In a match made in a heavenly sort of hell, the writer/ actor/ comedienne will invest the Wicked Queen with derring do.

Lynch brings with her a national fanbase built on the back of her ‘Dancing with the Stars’ 2017 turn as much as her own TV shows and characters. Consider her original work for ‘Wonder Women’s array of roles such as Sheila Chic and Liz Hurley; the ‘Working Girls’ series and Lynch’s witty chat show ‘Wagon’s Den’.

Katherine Lynch will be the hex that befalls Cinderella/ Hayley-Jo Murphy, who was top notch last year as Cinderella.

Their co-stars are the talented, tried and tested: Richie Hayes, Dayl Cronin (another DWTS graduate), comedian Tom O’Mahony and Limerick creatives Richard Lynch and Myles Breen.

Also new this year, Red Rock’s Garda Sean Holden, the actor David Crowley. Opening December 17, booking at

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