Dimensions inform Limerick Museum

'Dimensions' by Cindy Fogarty Photo: Keith Wiseman

ENJOY a free exhibition of contemporary art, ‘Dimensions’, at Limerick Museum in the Francisan Hall on Henry Street, current into late October.

Cindy Fogarty is the sole artist, a BA in Fine Art Painting from LSAD and living in Limerick. This show, we’re told, was informed by research into neuro-scientific studies being conducted around visual perception and cognition:

“The body of work presented in ‘Dimensions’ is an over-arching depiction of our post modern experience which crosses the boundaries of age, education, race, creed, culture and language by generating the same disorientating physiological sensation in each viewer, illuminating our commonalities as opposed to our differences.

“In this way, the work has Utopian intentions.”