Watch: Limerick shines a light on the Shannon


THE people of Limerick took to the city on Monday to ‘shine a light on the river’, in what was  Limerick Mental Health Week’s biggest ever event to date.

More than 100 people showed up shining torches on the Shannon from Sarsfield Bridge, from boats, or dotted around the surrounding strands of the river.

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Tony Sheridan, Director of Marketing and Communications for Limerick Mental Health Week said the event was a great success for an event that “about a month ago was just an idea”.

“The concept was that when people think of the river in Limerick, a negative thought comes to mind, it doesn’t have a positive connotation,” he said.

The Monaghan native hoped after the evening people’s views of the river would change:

“But people walking away tonight, like myself, I’m walking away with a buzz from a really positive thing. And that thing is that Limerick people come together, and shine a light both literally down on the river, but also figuratively on an issue that was in the dark for a long, long time.”