Limerick actor interested in documenting Celtic Myth


CELTIC mythology has plenty of great stories and the Irish movie industry needs to take advantage of that, according to Limerick actor Stefan Barry.

Mr Barry was born in England to an Irish-Polish family in a multi-cultural area where he learned to communicate with people of various races and cultures.


He is a man of many talents, spending time as an actor, a performer, an entertainer, a thespian and an artist.

As a child, he took an interest in the recreation of television, including sci-fi and cartoons, and often tried to put his own spin on shows.

Mr Barry said that the idea of narrating the stories of Celtic heroes such as Cuchulainn and Fionn mac Cumhail in the form of television shows or movies is interesting and has scope for implementation.

He added that the idea of shows based on mythology are becoming more popular because of the image it represents and the inbuilt nostalgia surrounding it.

“If we have the production level of Game of Thrones and Vikings and we start making this with Irish actors in this country, in Troy Studios, in places like King John’s and Craggaunowen where there are ready-made sets, it would be fabulous,” Mr Barry said.

Mr Barry expressed his interest in putting up a one-man show in the winter based on the theatrical elements of Celtic culture.

As a youth, he spent time at the University of the Arts in London and follows the same rules and principles in the creative process when it comes to making art.

“I have done so much art that I just do it. Then afterwards I might think about it, or on the way, I might think about it, but the doing is the most important part,” Mr Barry said.

In the past, Stefan Barry has worked on projects like ‘Psychic Gangsters’ and ‘SKRY News’. He has also acted in a reproduction of David Mamet’s ‘American Buffalo’.