Artists’ Expressions, Two Minds

Jazz men in pink; artist Jim Carroll

OPEN house at CB1 (Central Buildings) on O’Connell Street for a joint visual art show ‘Artists’ Expressions, Two Minds’ by Limerick men Ronnie Knight and Jim Carroll. Current until November 18, browse the 18 pieces or so with a cup of tea from these dedicated artists who operate from home studios.

Ron Knight creates original abstracts, oil on board or wood, and pays homage to Renoir and Goya in beautifully replicated modern masters.


Jim Carroll, Corbally based, favours acrylics on canvas and board for his abstract colour pieces, working easily with this fast-drying textured medium.

“We stand on the shoulders of giants,” Ron says of the visual arts community. “One lifetime is never enough, any artist will tell you that. Art needs to tell us about the world we live in – if it doesn’t, what good is it? For me, the story has to be in the painting, it is  there in the composition, in the design.

“We like that control over the viewer.”

CB1 opens 11am to 4.30pm, most works for sale.