Sponsored: Effective painless laser treatment for fungal nails

ESTABLISHED almost a dozen years ago on Thomas Street, Limerick, chiropodist Ursula Carroll runs a large multidisciplinary practice with a podiatrist and laser therapy. There’s no retail at this dedicated, discreet Foot Clinic, just a steadfast, effective professional commitment to footcare and customers.

Why have a laser therapist? Meet Alma Carroll who uses the only FDA approved Ncl:YAG laser in Limerick that emits a beam that defeats fungal nails afflicted by Onychomyosis.

“This ClearSteps laser light treats the fungal nail, the nailbed and any affected surrounding tissue,” explains Alma. “No, it is not a hurtful process as a cooler works in tandem with the laser to control heat emission. ClearSteps laser is new to Limerick and The Foot Clinic is the only chiropody practice to use it.

“It takes a minimum of four treatments that lasts 30 minutes at most for all ten nails to be treated, whether they are fungal or not. The treatments are a week apart and work begins on destroying the fungus and its effects immediately. Depending on the infection and lifestyle habits, laser treatment may take more than four treatments.

“After about three the change becomes clear to the human eye. Our toenails are naturally slow growing so anticipate some nine to 12 months before a full healthy, supple nail is in place.”

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Note that there are excluded groups: diabetics, people on warfarin, Gold therapy and St John’s Worth.

Talk to The Foot Clinic on 061-404692; each ClearStep treatment is €80 per session.

Footcare Clinic is at No. 10 Thomas Street, 061-404692