Birdwatch Ireland Limerick and conservation of species


WILDLIFE numbers across the world have reduced significantly and some of this because of bad management by people and not taking enough care.

Birdwatch Ireland and their branches aim to promote the protection and conservation of Ireland’s species by trying to ensure that there are no breaches of conduct.

Birdwatch Ireland Limerick Secretary Maura Turner said that the burning or cutting of trees and hedges at the wrong time of year can destroy the future of nesting birds.

“People might say that it is only one bush we’re cutting but the whole of wildlife across the world has been reduced by 60 per cent and some of it is due to bad management and not taking care like shooting at the wrong time.”

Maura went on to explain how there was great interlink with clubs such as ‘gun clubs’ who can act as conservation groups to some degree, and by communicating and working together they can preserve Limerick’s nature.

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Ms Turner said that the organisation’s responsibilities lie in areas such as making the council aware of nesting areas for birds like the walls near Sarsfield bridge.

“There are a lot of sand martins nesting in those walls, and if they are maintained too much like filling them in when they are a little decrepit, then these nesting areas will be gone.”

The organisation gets a small grant from the county council to run talks to raise awareness regarding the local environment and nature.

“You go outside your front door and there could be birds around which people do not even see and they put everything down to a rook or a crow.”

Birdwatch Ireland is the largest charitable conservation body in the country and the Limerick Branch is hosting an event today, Wednesday, November 28 to discuss the conservation of species.

This will be spearheaded by environmentalist and former principal of An tIonad Glas, the Organic College, Dromcollogher, Jim McNamara and will be held in room 3B05 of the Limerick Institute of Technology.