Much-needed drug service opens in city centre

Ana Liffey chief executive Tony Duffin

ANA Liffey Drug Project this week opened their new premises on the Dock Road to continue giving people who use drugs in the city their non-judgmental support.

Supported by the HSE and the Mid-West Regional Drugs and Alcohol Forum, Ana Liffey first opened its doors six years ago at their former premises at Fairgreen in Limerick. Since then they have worked to support hundreds of people, with complex and multiple needs.


“Limerick has a lot going for it – it’s a busy business hub, it has great restaurants, nightlife and an unparalleled community spirit. Sadly, like all urban centres Limerick has its unfair share of problems too. One of these issues is a significant drug problem,” Ana Liffey chief executive Tony Duffin said this week.

“There was an identified need to relocate to a more central location to facilitate easier access for more people. We are grateful to our funders, the community and partner agencies for their support – our work can only be done in partnership.

“We are very proud of our Mid-West team; and the move to our new building on the Dock Road in Limerick City represents a significant investment by Ana Liffey in our work in the region. We look forward to continuing to help as many people as we can – people whose lives have been blighted by drug use,” he added.

Metropolitan Mayor Daniel Butler, who is a professional Drugs Education and Prevention worker, was on hand to open Ana Liffey’s new base.

“As an elected public representative I represent people from all walks of life. I also work as a drugs worker. So, I have a, somewhat, unique perspective on the drugs issue. I know that being addicted to drugs is a physically and psychologically painful experience, which nobody would choose for themselves,” Mayor Butler explained.

“Equally, I know that people living in communities, impacted upon by drugs, often live in fear. If we want to have any chance of improving this situation, we must address the problems that cause drug use. Part of the response is accessible drug services that meet people where they are at. Ana Liffey Drug Project is such a service. Moving their service into the heart of Limerick City is a great idea and I am confident that more people will turn to Ana Liffey for support.”