Ten thousand names expected to go up on remembrance tree this year


LIMERICK Thomond Rotary Club expects about 10,000 to 12,000 names to be put up on the tree this year.

Thomond Rotary Club member Stephen Ryan explained that the ribbons are rotated after the tree starts to fill up and are replaced by fresh ribbons.

“All the ribbons are stored and spread across the altar of the Augustinian church on the fourth of January.”

The project partners with three charities each year, based on recommendations by the members of the Rotary Club.

The charities that have been chosen for this year’s project are Cuan Mhuire, Cliona’s Foundation and Oesophageal Cancer Fund.

“They will get their turn and rotate so that each charity gets around six or seven days to talk to the public”.

“It is not about collecting money, we will take any money we get, but it really about giving people something to remember their loved ones by”.

Mr Ryan explained that this time of year can be depressing for some people with the holiday season coming around.

“People may have recently lost a loved one, and it brings them great comfort when they see the name going up on the tree.”

He also said that people of manner approach them to put up a name, including children who wish to remember their pets.

The Limerick Remembrance Tree was first started in 2009 and has since been a feature of the city during the winter period.

Thomond Rotary has put up the tree and it will be in operation from December 1 till December 23 and will be finished by a service of remembrance at the Augustinian Church on January 4.

“This will be during the four o’clock mass and everyone is invited to come to that.”