Watch: Limerick musicians pay tribute to Dolores O’Riordan


EACH and every week, dozens of musicians load their equipment in and out of rented units at Limerick Self Storage, honing their craft, with the dreams and aspirations of one day bringing their music to the world like The Cranberries once did.

On January 15th 2018, Limerick lost their most beloved daughter.

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From Limerick Self Storage and Limerick artists of every genre, this is our tribute and thank you to Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberries.

All proceeds of this video are going to Midwest Simon Community, donations can be made here

Performed by:

Cein Daly (Bass), Ciaran Culhane (Electric & Acoustic Guitar), Damien Moore (Trumpet),

Eoin Culhane (Electric Guitar), Keith Kelly (Harmonica), Martin Atkinson Borrull (Keys), Nova Quartet (Strings & Flute),

Post Punk Podge (Fiddle), Shane Serrano (Drums), Steve Ryan (Electric Guitars)

Guest Vocalists (in order of appearence):

Emma Langford, Ronan Mitchell, David Idioh, Sarah Dolan, Steve Ryan,

Brendan Markham, Limerick Gospel Choir, Clare O’Brien, Paddy Dennehy

Artists Featured in the video include Anna’s Anchor, Ben Oit, Bleeding Heart Pigeons, Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, Carolyn Bourke, Casavettes, Changing Trains, Cruiser, Damien Moore, Delorean Suite, Emma Langford, Fox Jaw, Hedfuzy, Jane Fraser, John Daly, Laura Duff, Limerick Gospel Choir, Mizdrea, My Empire, New Age Messiah, Nova Quartet, Paddy Dennehy, Parliament Square, Peter Hanagan, Point Taken, Post Punk Podge & The Techno Hippies, PowPig, Protobaby, Raging Sons, Randolf & The Crokers, Sarah Dolan, Shane Wixted, Shardborne, The Flag Listeners, The Hitchers, Third Island, Tombz, We Come In Pieces, Windings, Zephire, Zombie Picnic.

Directed & edited by Shane Serrano

Shot by Shane Serrano & Dominik Kosicki

AD: Mark Bergin

VFX by Philip Shanahan

Photograph by Shane Serrano

Audio recorded & mixed by Ciaran Culhane

Produced by Shane Serrano

Mastered by Richard Dowling at Wav Mastering

‘When You’re Gone’ written by Dolores O’Riordan

Courtesy of Warner Chapell Music