‘Aquaman’ film review


AQUAMAN is a real damp squib of a movie that struggles to rise out of the shallows.

Like most of DC’s diluted offerings, it flounders.


Despite James Wan’s best efforts this wet fish depends far too heavily on bombast and big splashy visuals, but sinks into the murky depths like the Lusitania just the same.

Give me ‘The Man From Atlantis’ or ‘Finding Dory any day!

Marvel Studios recently raised the bar with ‘Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse’, which pointed to the brave new direction in which superhero movies could go. In comparison, ‘Aquaman feels like a soak in a paddling pool when you are accustomed to swimming with sharks.

But it is not all bad. There is plenty of wild CGI effects to ogle, just not enough to land you, hook, line or sinker!

Like many of this adventure’s beastly sea creatures, Jason Momoa eats the screen without parsley sauce and seems to relish his fishy role. He would make a great Panto dame and certainly has the hair for it. In fact, his long flowing locks play such a big part in this movie that they were probably deserving of an honourable mention in their own right when the final credits rolled.

The whole thing is over the top and a bit silly, but enjoyable in parts.

However, DC would be best advised to go back to the drawing board before they tread any more water.