From Los Angeles to Limerick: Love Ghost to film rockumentary

Love Ghost with special guests Modern Love play The Record Room this Thursday January 3

LA based neo grunge outfit Love Ghost are on short Irish tour and making a film about their experience in the country.

Lead singer/ guitarist Finnegan Bell has always been fascinated with his Irish roots and incorporates folk influences into his neo grunge sound through violinist Mya Greene.


The band has had considerable success with their break through song ‘Nowhere’ winning HMMA, Jean Luc Godard, New York Film Awards for songs and videos and opening for noted bands Smash Mouth, Berlin, Fuel, Buckcherry among others.

The tour is the brainchild of Love Ghost manager Dan Bell (Dan is an actor and filmmaker; he played parts in Wayne’s World, Dark Man and Con Air. He also happens to be the band leader’s dad).

Through Irish connections in LA, namely singer Ronan Collins, Dan has teamed up with Irish comedian/ actor Joe Rooney and Drogheda band Modern Love. Modern Love is managed by Joe, who is one of the band member’s fathers.

Dan Bell talked to Limerick Post,

LP: What inspired the song Nowhere?

DB: ‘Nowhere’ actually grew from an argument Finnegan Bell had with his ex-girlfriend.  In the middle of the argument, He said to her, “I am everywhere in my head and nowhere in my soul.”  He immediately thought those words were the beginning of a song and was inspired to write the lyrics later that evening. 

LP: You have made quality award winning videos, Is the visual representation of the band as important as the songs?

DB: Yes – the band has made several music videos at this point which have won awards (they can be found on their website  From their first music video for ‘Forgive Me’, the band has always felt their music was story based, cinematic and the visuals would help to drive the message. 

It also helped that two of their fathers (Mya’s and Finnegan’s) were experienced film makers)

LP: Why choose Limerick for a tour?

DB: Limerick was chosen by the band we are touring with Modern Love.  Love Ghost is really looking forward to playing there having heard about the cities colorful history (and of course some of the incredible musicians who have come from there – most notably The Cranberries, of whom, of course, they are fans.)

LP: How did you meet Joe Rooney?

DB: There is a great promoter and lover of Irish music and comedy named Ronan Collins.  Ronan lives in the U.S. now, had become familiar with Love Ghost and thought Joe and I should connect.

It was pretty incredible the parallel paths we were on (we are both actors – me a former actor in Darkman, Wayne’s World and others and Joe currently with an amazing resumé), and both helping our kids with their respective bands.

“I am in awe of all that Joe has been able to accomplish both in his career and for his Son’s band.  We truly feel blessed to be a part of this tour.”

LP: What are the ambitions for Love Ghost in 2019? Where will the documentary be available?

DB: 2019 is going to be a special year for Love Ghost.  They will be touring Japan in March, 17 days in Tokyo and Osaka. 

They are currently recording new material and working with a few incredible producers.  This is the last year of high school for both Finnegan Bell and Ryan Stevens, and they are really looking forward to having more time to dedicate to their music,

The documentary  of course is a great unknown.  We hope it will get a wider distribution (there are so many avenues now) but everyone is waiting for us to finish it. 

We are hoping to premiere it next year as a part of Ireland Week in Los Angeles.  Eventually it will be on both the Love Ghost and modernlove. Social media channels.

Love Ghost with special guests Modern Love play  The Record Room, Commercial, Catherine Street on Thursday January 3.