Coláiste Mhichíl is the most improved school in Limerick

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COLÁISTE Mhichíl, CBS Sexton Street was named the most improved school in Limerick in last weekend’s Sunday Independent schools league table.

Coláiste Mhichíl Principal Denis O’ Connor said that the improvement in regard to student progression to third level institutions reflects the great work carried out by the students and staff in Coláiste Mhichíl.’


“The Board of Management and I are immensely proud of each student and teacher for the significant effort they have put in over the last number of years to improve progression by 36 per cent. The parents of our students also deserve great praise for the support they give to their sons and the positive manner in which they support the school.

“I would also like to paid tribute to the great work done at primary level, in schools like Scoil Iosagain and St Michael’s, which give our students in Coláiste Mhichíl such a solid foundation. As a school, Coláiste Mhichil will continue to grow and develop our links with the 3rd level institutions to ensure our boys have the best and brightest of futures.

“Finally, I would like to acknowledge the role J.P McManus has played in providing a 3rd level scholarship programme which has benefited 177 Coláiste Mhichíl students over a 22 years period. All of these factors have led to an improvement in progression in Coláiste Mhichíl, a trend we aim to continuously improve upon.’

“Every student is encouraged to reach their own personal goal”, Elaine Minogue, vice principal added.

“We have a great sense of pride that all of our students and the hard work that each and every member of staff in Coláiste Mhichíl has, in a way, been validated in the league table.

“The significant increase in our numbers progressing on to higher education over the past number of years will show gains for each individual student, but also for Limerick as a whole. Continuing education, and acknowledging the benefits associated with life long learning is something we advocate for strongly in Coláiste Mhichíl. Providing the best progression opportunities for our students in an informed manner is our main aim in the school in relation to this aspect of transfer from second level.

“A strong focus on a whole school approach to guidance, which is supported by the guidance counsellor Meadhbh de Nais, guidance team and the teaching staff has been fundamental to our improvements as evident in the results. Continuing to provide support and encouragement to all our students, and allowing them to explore their options in a safe and understanding environment is what our school stands for and what we will continue to do,” Ms Minogue added.

Coláiste Mhichíl offers a wide range of subjects including German, History, Business, Technology, Art, Woodwork, LCVP, and Music. The school offers a wide selection of extra-curricular activities including cricket, football, basketball, swimming, digital media, dungeons and dragons, art, magic gathering, chess club, and athletics.

Coláiste Mhichíl is currently on the Schools Capital Buildings list and is set for a major refurbishment.