Voices from the Edge at St Mary’s Cathedral


CHECKING into St Mary’s Cathedral for Valentine’s night, Irish Chamber Orchestra presents a programme of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Korgold and a work by conductor Jorg Widmann. The composer and clarinettist Widmann has put together this concert night “that features a rollercoaster of kaleidoscopic sounds that traverse time.”

‘Voices from the Edge’ is the name of the night on Thursday, February 14 at 8pm.


The orchestra’s Charlotte Eglinton introduces works for us. “Beethoven’s ‘Gross Fugue’ speaks so convincingly, transporting the listener to his world and is as fresh today as it was 300 years ago.

“Mendelssohn’s ‘Symphony No. 9, or ‘Swiss’…is a superb example of experimentation with textures, instruments, sounds and is the finest of his prodigious String Symphonies.

“Then Korngold’s seldom heard ‘Symphonic Serenade’ is more symphony than serenade.  His post-war, post-Hollywood compositions drew from thematic material from his film scores and his ‘Serenade’ ranks as one of his best works, composed towards the end of his life.

“Widmann’s elegiac ‘Aria’ is a short work focusing on tonal beauty.  It featuring multiple, imaginary voices that ascend to the dizzy heights before sinking into the lower depths.” Played out within the medieval majesty of St Mary’s Cathedral, tickets are at irishchamberorchestra.com and on the door.