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Elisa O’Donovan working to make Limerick a ‘brilliant city’


SOCIAL Democrats local elections candidate Elisa O’Donovan wants to know what she can do to help people in Limerick City West and is now urging people to help build a “brilliant city”.

O’Donovan is a well-known figure in Limerick, being involved in many health and community campaigns in recent years. She is a founding member of Limerick Feminist Network, an active member of Limerick Cycling Campaigns and Limerick Triathlon Club. Last summer she established Swimmable Limerick, an initiative to restore open water swimming to Limerick City.

Through her work with brain injury association Headway, she was elected as a social inclusion representative to Limerick Council’s Strategic Policy Committee for Community, Emergency and Leisure Services. She has sat on this committee for the last two years, as well as that of Limerick Council’s Suicide Action Group.

“Limerick City is my home and I am passionate about it. I want to work alongside the people of Limerick City West. Mine is a campaign that asks what we can do to help and listens to what people need,” she said.

“Anyone who knows me knows my passion for Limerick and Limerick people, and to be part of a community that values and supports them. Local politics has been dominated by the policies of the older parties for so long that it has become stagnant and left people feeling frustrated and betrayed. It doesn’t have to be like this. Social Democrats in Limerick Council would do things very differently.”

She sees the Social Democrats as the party that represents decent Limerick people who have contributed all their lives and are now struggling to make ends meet due to cuts and privatisation.

“We want to take action to make Limerick more liveable and to make everyday life more affordable.”

Elisa is inviting anyone who feels passionate about their community and would like to get involved with her campaign to contact her.

“Whatever help they can give, big or small, everyone will be welcomed and included. I promise to show people a different style of politics; one that is community based and personal, inclusive and fun.

“We will be meeting this Saturday at 10.30am outside the Milk Market for our first stall. Everyone is invited to come along and to join my gang of ‘along-siders’, a group that listens to the views of the brilliant Limerick people. Together, we can build a brilliant city.”

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