HIQA finds faults in two Limerick centres


HEALTH watchdog, HIQA found two nursing homes in Limerick non-compliant with regulations in a number of areas during unannounced inspections recently.

The Dromcollogher and District Respite Care Centre failed to pass muster in three out of twenty areas inspected.

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The facility fell down in terms of premises, managing challenging behaviour, and fire precautions.

The inspectors’ report,  published recently said: “The centre was generally bright and clean throughout and kept in a good state of repair,” but found that, as on a previous inspection, the laundry area was not adequate and had not sufficient facilities to separate clean and dirty linen. A new laundry room is planned, the report said.

The report stated “there was inadequate signage placed at suitable intervals to identify for residents, visitors and staff where the nearest emergency exit and the nearest place of relative safety within the centre,” and while none of the residents currently present with challenging behaviour “The consent form for the use of bed rails (for restraint) was signed on occasion by relatives on behalf of residents, which is not appropriate practice. Also, bedrails were in place for one resident, even though risk assessment indicated that bedrails should not be used”.

At the Riverbrook Nursing and Respite Care centre in Castleconnell, an unannounced inspection found the facility was compliant with regulations in 19 of 22 areas.

The facility is listed as being non-compliant in terms of the premises, staff training and protection.

The report stated; “Mandatory training was in place and staff had received up to date training in safe moving and handling, management of responsive behaviours and safeguarding vulnerable persons. Although a number of staff had received fire training there were seven staff who had not received up to date training in fire safety”.

The inspector identified a number of issues with the premises that required review. Slopes in flooring in part of the centre and sloping floor going into one toilet/bathroom no handrail on the slope going down to the bathroom area.

It found “residents at end of life in the multi-occupancy rooms did not have the option of a single room to ensure privacy and dignity at this time”. On protection, the inspection found the provider was “a pension agent for a number of residents and the management of pension payments was not fully in line with what is required by the Department of Social Protection. The accountant said they were currently looking into setting up a system to ensure compliance with same”.