Artistic flow aims to dispel the myths of menstruation

Artist Kathryn Crowley who is organizing the Crimson Waves exhibition
Artist Kathryn Crowley who is organizing the Crimson Waves exhibition

A LIMERICK exhibition will highlight women’s need to tune into their own bodies during menstruation and to examine the myths and taboos surrounding the issue.

Artists and Yoga teacher Kathryn Crowley was inspired to organise the ‘Crimson Waves’ exhibition after being told by her students that no teacher had ever spoken to them about periods and the effect exercises such as Yoga can have at that time.

“There is taboo surrounding menstruation in our culture. Ignorance has seen “time of the month” demonised and labelled as dirty or shameful,” she said.

“Periods are a natural, cleansing occurrence that can bring monthly insight if a woman slows down and tunes into her own body wisdom, but does she know how?

“We have been conditioned into working full-on, 24/7, flying through the days, even at period time. This causes suffering to a lot of women, physically and mentally, but they can reduce that by tuning into the body and honouring it”.

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The Crimson Waves aims to educate, inspire and connect women through this topic.

“This project is evolving slowly. Organising and making new work throughout each season is my symbolic acknowledgement of the journey we must all take, if we are lucky. From girlhood to menstruation, throughout the child-bearing years, during menopause and beyond, every woman goes through seasons. The moon has phases, and so do we,” said Kathryn.

The exhibition opens in May. All artworks have been selected, but writing is welcome until March 5 and Kathryn says she wants to hear more from women in Limerick.

Each selected writer will be expected to make a small donation towards the opening night costs. Writing can be sent to Kathryn Crowley: [email protected], and put “crimson waves Limerick” in the subject line. Connect with Kathryn on social media through “12petalsireland” on Instagram.