From Ivory Towers to Other Voices headliner: Jack O’Rourke

Picture. John Allen

“I’D get bored if I was releasing the same type of song all the time,” comments Cork singer/songwriter Jack O’Rourke this morning chatting to Limerick Post about his new EP and upcoming Limerick show.

The new EP called ‘Ivory Towers’ is a generous six track mini album led by the upbeat and uplifting title track. It is a leap forward from the introverted debut album with lyrics to match.


“Young ones painting dreams like rainbow showers,

Embracing possibility soul to soul, Like ivory towers”

“Its a good driving song apparently, though I don’t drive,” laughs the singer.

After the critical success for the debut with its  busy touring schedule Jack was more than ready to get back to putting new ideas to music for this year.

“I have been plugging the first album for the last few years. Lots of different types of gigs, with the band, solo, even with an orchestra.

Eventually you want to have new material. You have to get back into the cage with the tiger and come up with new ideas.”

Collaborations in the meantime with Cork group freezerRooms and dance producer Kormac and our own Paddy Dennehy have informed the writer’s musical palette. ‘Moody Broody’ is another terrific song from the EP filled with quirky and funny imagery though it is essentially a love song.

“Its about letting go of your inhibitions, even for myself.”

Jack O’Rourke is a full time teacher based in Cork City and some of that experience can play a part in how he sets about turning stories into words and phrases for his songs.

“I do use slang and turn of phrase from Cork.”

“I teach on the Northside of Cork city with some really great kids in terms in how they express themselves. You are definitely influenced by that.”

You can hear tracks from the EP at Jack O’Rourke’s set from Other Voices at St’ James Church broadcast on March 14 on RTE 2 at 11.30pm.

Jack has an abundance of Limerick family connections, his father proudly sang ‘There Is An Isle’ at Jack’s last gig in Dolan’s, safe to say there will be party vibes for his upcoming show to launch the EP.

Jack O’Rourke plays Dolan’s this Friday March 8.