Limerick charity worker’s appeal for the landless

This year's Tr—caire Lenten appeal donation box

A LIMERICK charity worker has appealed to the people of the city and county to support the vital work being done by Trócaire, the Catholic Church overseas development agency.

Karen Fahy from Croom is asking them to get involved in the Trócaire Lenten campaign which will provide vital support for more than two million of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people over the coming year.

Trocaire’s 2019 Lenten Appeal highlights how the loss of land in the developing world is leading to devastating consequences for millions of families.

Karen said: “Land is such an important factor in combating poverty. It allows people to grow food to feed their families and to make a living, and it offers much-needed safety and stability for children.

“Sadly though, for many reasons, land and homes are being taken from millions of families across the developing world and means they are facing hunger, the threat of violence as well as a lack of access to education and basic medical care as they struggle to survive.”

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This year, the Lent box tells this story through three young girls. Maria is from Guatemala where vulnerable communities are being violently evicted by large businesses and left with nothing. In Uganda, Patricia has lost her home because her father died. Her mother, like many others, lacks any basic rights to her land simply because she is a woman. While Maya, who now lives in a refugee camp in Lebanon, was forced to flee her home with her family to escape the Syrian war.

“Trocaire is working in over twenty countries across the developing world and supports thousands of families like those of Maria, Maya and Patricia by providing food, shelter and medical care as well as fighting for justice and land rights,” Karen added.

“This would not be possible without the support of the public.

“We are incredibly grateful for the generous donations we receive from parishes, schools and families from  Limerick each year and I would appeal to people across the county to support this vital campaign. This can be done by collecting your loose change in a Trocaire box, making a donation online or over the phone, or organising fundraising activities throughout Lent. Every donation makes a difference.”

The Trocaire Lent Campaign runs until Easter Sunday, April 21. Trocaire boxes are available from local parishes, by visiting or by phoning 1850 408 408.