Martens settles Jason Corbett wrongful death case


KILLER Tom Martens has settled a wrongful death action taken against him and will pay Jason Corbett’s children, Jack and Sarah, €160,000.

The civil action taken by Mr Corbett’s estate after his brutal murder had been listed before the US courts but was settled this week without the admission of liability.

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Fellow killer, Molly, was not included in the wrongful death action and it is also understood that she will not benefit from the €530,000 insurance policy payout to the Limerick man’s estate, nor can she initiate any claim.

A €17,500 trust fund payment to Jack and Sarah Corbett will also be made from an insurance company acting for Tom Martens and his wife Sharon.

Limerick man and father of two Jason Corbett (39) was savagely beaten in his bed by father and daughter Tom and Molly Martens at his North Carolina home in August 2015.

The pair were tried and convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to between 20 and 25 years in prison.

This week, Jason’s sister and guardian to his two orphaned children, Tracey Corbett Lynch, told the Irish Independent that “we are relieved as a family to close this difficult chapter and try to move forward with our lives and focus on our children.

The settlement comes after a four year battle with the Martens’ in both US civil and criminal courts.

However, Molly, Jason’s second wife and her father have appealed their convictions and a US appeal court has heard the case and is considering its decision.

Ms Corbett Lynch said that she hopes to travel to the US to retrieve Jason’s belongings but added that “what we want now is to continue to focus on ensuring those responsible for Jason’s murder remain in prison.”