Four sites identified for Limerick ‘park and ride’ facilities

Cllr Joe Leddin

FOUR key locations at Rosbrien, Raheen, Coonagh and Ballysimon have been identified by City West councillor Joe Leddin as suitable sites for ‘park and ride’ commuter facilities.

The Labour Party representative explained that all four were close or adjacent to the Southern Ring Road and offered the potential to significantly reduce traffic volumes entering the city.

“The current regional economic and spatial strategy is on public display which once approved will determine the nature and type of development for Limerick over the next several years. It is essential that the Council ensure that we include the provision of suitable locations that offer the potential of accommodating park and ride services,” Cllr Leddin told the Limerick Post.

“In Limerick City West we are witnessing the significant development of Mungret as part of the Limerick 2030 plan while the expansion of industries and jobs in Raheen Industrial Estate and the University Hospital is causing huge traffic and parking problems in the surrounding housing estates.

“There are land banks available in the Ballycummin, Mungret and Raheen area that can also be developed to provide motorists with parking and rapid access into the city.”

He also singled out the Rosbrien area where the Council owns a 27-acre land bank which he believes could potentially help to dramatically reduce the traffic volumes on the Greenfields Road.

“A successful park and ride must offer a minimum ten-minute frequency as is the standard times offered by other facilities in Dublin and Cork. We cannot expect to create a vibrant liveable city if those working, visiting or looking to shop cannot easily access and leave the city without the hassle of trying to source parking.

“The existing park and ride facilities in operation in Black Ash Park in Cork have recently been upgraded because of increased demand by motorists to avail of the ten-minute frequency of buses into and out of the city.

“Every modern city must provide sustainable modes of public transport. Limerick has at different times of the year including Christmas provided parking in temporary locations however we must now plan for the provision of permanent park and ride facilities,” he concluded.