Shaun O’Dowd gig at Russell’s dedicated to Mother’s Day

9pm on Sunday 31

HOW can we count the ways that showband singer Shaun O’Dowd has delighted us over decades? Shaun’s popularity is phenomenal. He is a rock solid entertainer brought up in the school of accomplished live-performance that gives you all he’s got – and a hint of more.

Famous for his sex appeal, Shaun O’Dowd’s mission is always that tonight’s the night for the best show ever. And we, the lucky punter, are tipped off about a free gig he is giving at  Russell’s Select Bar to celebrate Mother’s day next on Sunday March 31, 9pm on.

Intrigued by this social generosity, Limerick Post got on to Russell’s long serving manager Tommy O’Sullivan – ever a bright spark. “It’s true, Shaun is performing here the evening of Mother’s Day, Sunday next. We planned this and booked him about?? 13 months ago?” he says. “Shaun has a new set to platform called ‘You are no Angel’, after one of his big hits and he is going to give us plenty of new music such as Lady Gaga’s and Bradley Cooper’s ‘In The Shallow’.”

Don’t forget to make a day of it at beautifully designed gastro bar at Fr Russell Road.

Carvery with mains priced from a modest €13.95 opens from 12noon into 6pm and all the family is welcome. The bar menu with table service sets in 6pm to 9pm and you can view the menus online at Remember that it’s Mom’s big day out so bottles of  prosecco from €24.99 and wine €21.95.

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Tel. (061) 308 080 but no bookings accepted for March 31.