Scramblers are creating havoc on Childers Road in Limerick

Catherine Slattery , Fianna Fáil local election candidate for Limerick City East.
Fianna Fail Councillor Catherine Slattery

FIANNA Fáil local election candidate for Limerick City East, Catherine Slattery is calling on the Government to bring in legislation to prevent the use of scrambler bikes on city estates.

Miss Slattery claims antisocial behaviour, relating to the use of scrambler bikes, is at a high level on Childers Road. She maintains there should be a legal requirement to register and licence scramblers and other mechanically-propelled vehicles.

“I have been advised by a number of residents from Rathbane, Hyde Road and Weston that youths are riding these scrambler bikes up and down Childers’ Road going in and out of traffic at high speed and into estates,” she said.

“I myself drive the Childers Road on a daily basis and have witnessed these scrambler bikes going in and out of traffic at speed. It is very intimidating and frightening for motorists and pedestrians alike. An accident is going to be caused and someone will be seriously injured if something is not done about this activity soon.”

The local elections hopeful told the Limerick Post that up to three scramblers at a time can be seen following each other at speed in and out of busy roads and into estates.

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“This can go on for hours especially at weekends. There are new houses being built at Rathbane and there is a lot of young children in the area. Something needs to be done here and I am calling on the Government to draw up legislation to stop this activity in housing estates before someone is seriously hurt.”

Fianna Fáil has now begun preparing its own legislation to extend the powers of An Garda Síochána to effectively combat the scourge of scramblers and quads in residential areas and on public space.

“To date, Gardaí have experienced serious difficulties from an enforcement perspective when attempting to apprehend those that are causing danger in the area. There should be a legal requirement to register and licence these mechanically propelled vehicles in order for Gardaí to be able to trace their ownership.

“Equipping the Gardaí with the powers they require to prosecute offenders without having to engage in potentially dangerous interception exercises, is absolutely necessary,” she concluded.