HSE worker questioned over assault at school


A SENIOR HSE worker has been questioned by Gardaí following an alleged assault outside a Limerick school as children were dropped off by parents last week.

The road rage incident which led to an alleged assault is now at the centre of a Garda investigation after they received an official complaint about the incident.


Dozens of children and parents witnessed the incident outside the school on the outskirts of the city.

It is understood that the complaint centres around one parent speeding into the school drop-off zone where traffic calming measures have been repeatedly sought. When asked to slow down by another parent, it is alleged that the male HSE worker stopped his car assaulted the other man through the window of his car in front of shocked onlookers.

One source told this newspaper that “this man’s child was in the car watching on as their father was attacked for asking another parent to slow down”.

Following the assault, the concerned father contacted Gardaí and an official complaint was lodged.

Gardaí have now opened an inquiry into last week’s incident and Henry Street Garda superintendent Derek Smart confirmed to the Limerick Post that parties involved, including the HSE worker, was questioned under caution.

The school in question has a drop off zone adjacent to the school and both parents and residents of the area have sought that proper traffic calming and parking measures are put in place to facilitate all members of the public.