Choral Union’s Mass in C Minor by Mozart

Singing alto, Carolyn Holt, April 19.

REHEARSING since September, Limerick Choral Union has invested thousands of performance hours in its Good Friday concert set for University Concert Hall.

Mozart’s Mass in C Minor will be the first time ever that Limerick has had a chance to hear this incredible work. His Requiem will then round out the night on this significant holy day in the Christian calendar.

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Malcolm Green is the long-serving director of music for LCU. Leading the 120 choir members over the past eight months in this programme, Malcolm describes it “as really inspirational music. I just find anytime that I have been working on it, that I come away feeling uplifted. It’s joyous, although it is a requiem.”

Rachel Croash, soprano

He addresses the documented concept of ‘The Mozart Effect’. “Apparently his music has been shown to be more inspiring than that of other composers. Research has been done on that aspect.”

A gentle Englishman, Malcolm tells Arts Page that Amadeus Mozart wrote Requiem on his deathbed. “Even in his last breath, he was trying to tap out the timpani work. Neither was his Mass in C Minor ever really finished.”

Yet it is a splendid major opus.

Limerick Choral Union sough international class soloists to sing with them for Good Friday April 19. They are Rachel Croash, soprano; Carolyn Holt, alto; Eamonn Mulhall, tenor and David Howes, bass. The four come together with the musical director for first rehearsal on Holy Thursday and join with choir and orchestra on the Friday afternoon between 2pm and 5pm. A demanding full rehearsal before the 8pm public concert is essential.

“This is just beautiful music, wonderful to listen to. It has lots of contrasts.” The oratorio choir of sopranos, altos, tenors and baritones has to divide further in two as this seriously complicated composition commands eight parts for some of the movements.

Join with the music-loving community at the concert hall for what has to be an epic night as the 35-piece LCU Orchestra accompanies the tiers of choristers on stage for 8pm.